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AquaAcid XL

AquaAcid™ XL is a liquid blend of organic acids to improve the hygienic quality of feed and drinking water. It contains a high amount of active ingredients (~85%) offering strong antimicrobial effects. AquaAcid™ XL optimises pH levels and is also permitted for use in organic farming.



Formic Acid and Sodium Formate

Directions for Use

0.5 – 1L per 1000L of drinking water (aim pH 4.5). 1 – 3L per ton of feed.

Use suitable application technology to apply AquaAcid™ XL for improving the quality of drinking water for animals.

AquaAcid™ XL can also be used in liquid feedings systems.

Withholding Period


Pack Size

25kg & 1000kg IBC