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Home Product CategoryFarm & Feed HygieneForFeed™ Feedmill Hygiene

ForFeed™ Feedmill Hygiene

ForFeed™ Feedmill Hygiene helps improve feed hygiene, maintain the nutrient level of feed as well as optimising the production of feed all at the same time. ForFeed™ Feedmill Hygiene has strong anti-mycotic and antimicrobial effects, which in combination, are beneficial for both the feed and the animal. ForFeed™ Feedmill Hygiene is designed to be easily dispersed through feed and has proven effectiveness against the impact of moisture migration.


ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: Sodium propionate, propionic acid, ammonium formate, sodium formate, sorbic acid, surfactant

Directions for Use

ForFeed™ Feedmill Hygiene is used at 0.5 – 1.0 L/tonne depending on level of microbial contamination and intended final moisture level of feed

Withholding Period


Pack Size

1000L IBC