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Home Product CategoryPig ProductsZeromec Premix for Pigs

Zeromec Premix for Pigs

For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, kidney worms, lungworms, lice and mange mites in pigs. 



6g/kg Ivermectin

Directions for Use


The recommended dose level, 100µg/kg liveweight daily for seven days, is obtained for growing pigs eating feed equal to 5% of their liveweight by including ivemectin in complete ration at 2g per metric tonne (2ppm) of feed and fed ad libitum. This is achieved by including 333g Zeromec Premix for Pigs in each tonne (1000kg) of final feed. Zeromec Premix for Pigs should be thoroughly mixed in the finished mash feed and fed continuously as the only ration for seven consecutive days. For pigs up to 100kg on restrcited feeding programs or high-protein diets such that their average daily feed consumption is less than 5% of their liveweight, the inclusion of ivermectin should be increased in order to provide the required dose rate. The appropriate inclusion can be calculated as follows:

The following guidelines are provided for calculating the correct dosage in growing pigs:

To achieve good dispersion of Zeromec Premix for Pigs, it is recommended that the required Zeromec Premix for Pigs be diluted with finely ground feed ingredients. For example, to mix at 2ppm, add 1kg of Zeromec Premix for Pigs to 14kg of finely ground feed ingredients. This diluted premix would be added to the complete ration at the rate of 5kg per tonne (1000kg) of finished feed.

2. ADULT PIGS: Basic Limit Feeding (Sows & Boars)

The limit feeding of sows and boars to control rate of growth and total liveweight requires that ivermectin be mixed in the feed at a concentation to permit adequate treatment within the feed allocation of each animal. The recomended dose ot 100µg/kg liveweight daily for 7 days is obtained for adult animals by thorouhgly mixing 1.66kg of Zeromec Premix for Pigs into 1 tonne (1000kg) of finished feed to supply 10g ivermectin per tonne (10ppm). This feed should be fed at the rate of 1kg/100kg liveweight daily for 7 consecutive days. Animals should not be given any additional feed on a daily basis until the medicated feed is totally consumed. 

To achieve good dispersion in medicated feed for adult pigs, it is recommended that each 1kg of Zeromec Premix for Pigs be diluted with 14kg of ground feed ingredients to provide an intermediate premix. Twenty five kg of this intermediate premix should be added to each tonne (1000kg) of finished feed to provide 10g ivermectin per tonne (10ppm). 

3. ADULT PIGS: Mixing Calculations for Sows on Varying Feed Intakes

As sow feeding practices vary during the different phases of their reproduction cycle (ie, limited feeding during gestation and ad libitum during lactation), the inclusion rare of ivermectin per metric tonne of complete feed must be adjusted accordingly to obtain 100µg/kg recommended treatment level. As an example, the following inclusion rates for Zeromec Premix for Pigs (6g/kg ivermectin) are based on liveweight and feed intake.

Average Pig Weight (kg) Daily Feed Intake (kg) Zeromec Premix for Pigs per tonne final feed In-Feed of ivermectin (ppm)
200 2.0 1.67kg 10.00
  2.5 1.33kg 8.00
  3.0 1.11kg 6.67
250 2.5 1.67kg  
  3.0 1.39kg  

Alternatively, the amount of Zeromec Premix for Pigs (6g/kg ivermectin) required to medicate X number of sows based on average liveweight can also be easily calculated by using the following formula:

Thus, 233.3 grams of Zeromec Premix for Pigs are required to medicate ten 200kg sows for seven days.



  1. Zeromec Premix for Pigs may be incorporated in a feed concentrate prior to its addition to finished feeds.
  2. Finished feeds that contain Zeromec Premix for Pigs may be pelleted.
  3. All feed mixing should be conducted in accordance with good manufacturing practices.
  4. Since the effect of ivermectin on mites is not immediate, care must be taken to prevent transfer of infestation to untreated animals. Generally, treated pigs should not be moved to clean quarters or exposed to infested pigs for at least one week after completion of treatment.
  5. Louse eggs are unaffected by ivermectin and may require up to 3 weeks to hatch. Louse infestations developing from hatching eggs may require re-treatment.
  6. Pigs exposed to contaminated premises, soil or pasture may need re-treatment if re-infection occurs.


Breeding Animals

At the time of initiating any parasite control program, it is important to treat all animals in the herd. After initial treatment, use Zeromec Premix for Pigs regularly as follows:


Treat preferably 14-21 days prior to farrowing to minimise infection of piglets.


Treat 14-21 days prior to breeding

Treat 14-21 days prior to farrowing


Treat at least 2 times per year.

Frequency of and need for treatments are dependent upon parasite exposure.

Feeder Pigs (Finishers):

All pigs received for finishing should be treated upon placement in clean quarters.

Withholding Period


MEAT: REMOVE ALL MEDICATED FEED 7 days before slaughter for human consumption.


EXPORT SLAUGHTER INTERVAL (ESI): DO NOT SLAUGHTER for export for 7 days after removal of the medicated feed

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