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Home Vet ProductsAbbeyChlor CTC Chlortetracycline Soluble Powder

AbbeyChlor CTC Chlortetracycline Soluble Powder

For prevention or treatment of diseases of poultry and pigs caused by microorganisms sensitive to Chlortetracycline such as:



Mycoplasmosis (especially when complicated by secondary infections caused by E.coli or other bacteria), coryza, salmonellosis, fowl cholera, hexamitiasis and non specific bacterial enteritis. 



Bacterial enteritis, bacterial pneumonia and secondary bacterial infection.



Active Constituent: 950g/kg Chlortetracycline Hydrochloride 

Directions for Use

AbbeyChlor should be administered in drinking water of poultry. For pigs, use as a drench or administer in the drinking water, milk or milk replacer, at the rates shown below.

Prepare fresh solutions daily and ensure that full dose is consumed within 24 hours. Continue treatment until symptoms are relieved. If no improvement is evident after five days treatment, re-appraise the diagnosis. During treatment, do not supply liquid which is not medicated until the medicated liquid has been consumed.

When poultry or pigs are in conditions likely to predispose towards disease, or are subjected to stress such as prolonged transport, AbbeyChlor should be administered prophylactically for periods up to 28 days.



Prophylactic dose: 12mg/kg liveweight. Supply in drinking water daily for 3 or more days as indicated.

Therapeutic dose: Use 60mg/kg liveweight. Supply in drinking water for 2-5 days, depending on the severity of the symptoms. 



Prophylactic dose: Use 6mg/kg liveweight daily.

Therapeutic dose: Use 25mg/kg liveweight daily


Withholding Period



Therapeutic dose - DO NOT USE less than 7 days (in pigs and pultry) before slaughter for human consumption

Prophylactic dose - DO NOT USE less than 4 days (in poultry) and 5 days (in pigs) before slaughter for human consumoption.

EGGS: Zero (0) days

Pack Size

1kg & 25kg