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Home Vet ProductsAbbeymox Amoxycillin Soluble Powder

Abbeymox Amoxycillin Soluble Powder

Abbeymox Amoxycillin Soluble Powder is a broad spectrum water-soluble medication for the treatment of Amoxycillin susceptible infections of the alimentary, urogenital and respiratory tract of poultry, including organisms associated with Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) complex and diseases caused by E. Coli.



870g/kg Amoxycillin as the Trihydrate

Directions for Use

Abbeymox Amoxycillin Soluble Powder is for use as a water medication for poultry species. Water consumption varies with the climate and the age of the birds.

General dose rate of Amoxycillin for poultry is 8-20mg/kg bodyweight daily, depending on the severity of the condition. This may be achieved by adding 110g of Abbeymox Amoxycillin Soluble Powder to 900-1000L of drinking water for 3-5 days.


Amoxycillin dissolves and disperses readily in water. Administer as the only source of drinking water for 3-5 days. Medicated water should be consumed within 12 hours, and fresh solution prepared daily. Water tanks and lines should be flushed thoroughly to avoid any holdover of residues of the product.

Any variation by the prescribing veterinarian to the approved dose, frequency, duration, route, disease or target species may require extending the approved withholding period.

Withholding Period


MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 2 days before sluaghter for human consumption.

EGGS: DO NOT USE in birds that are producing or in the future produce eggs or egg products for human consumption.  

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